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11:00 –11:45 – Survival Dave

11:55 –12:40 – Becky Mason

12:50 –  1:35 – Kevin Callan

  1:45 –  2:30 – Hap Wilson

  2:40 –  3:25 – Cara Matthew

  3:35 –  4:20 – Paul Mason

  4:30 –  5:15 – Shelley Ball


11:00 –11:45 – Paul Mason

11:55 –12:40 – Kevin Callan

12:50 –  1:35 – Hap Wilson

  1:45 –  2:30 – Tamara van Dyk

  2:40 –  3:25 – Survival Dave

  3:35 –  4:20 – Shelley Ball



10:45 – Becky Mason (Canoe tips)
11:30 – Corey Hewitt (Stand Up Paddleboarding)
12:15 – Wilderness Tours / Ottawa City Rafting (whitewater raft)
  1:00 – Bucket List Adventures (Transparent kayak demo)
  1:45 – Corey Hewitt (Freestyle kayaking)

  2:30 – Kevin Callan (Canoe tips)
  3:15 – Becky Mason (Canoe tips)
  4:00 – Corey Hewitt (SUP demo)
  4:45 – Corey Hewitt (Kayak demo)


10:45 – Corey Hewitt (SUP demo)
11:30 – Becky Mason (Canoe tips)
12:15 – Wilderness Tours / Ottawa City Rafting (whitewater raft)
  1:00 – Kevin Callan (Canoe tips)
  1:45 – Corey kayak

  2:30 – Transparent Kayak
  3:15 – Becky Mason (Canoe tips)
  4:00 – Corey Hewitt (Kayak demo)

BIO | Becky Mason is a canoeist, artist, and environmentalist who acquired her paddling skills and her fondness for canoes from her father, the author, artist and National Film Board filmmaker Bill Mason. Becky runs her own canoe school in Chelsea Quebec and has produced two award-winning DVDs, Basic and Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing that profile her canoeing skills and her love of paddling.



Becky's 12 Favourite Rivers List
Becky takes you on a whirlwind, cross-country tour of the 12 river trips she chose to include in her contribution to the Canadian Edition of the Book of Lists. From boreal forests to arid deserts, east coast to west, this will give you a taste of the amazing variety of paddling experiences to be had in Canada.

BIO | Kevin Callan is the author of thirteen books, including the best selling “The Happy Camper”, the incredibly popular series of paddling guides, and most reviewed “Wilderness Pleasures: A Practical Guide to Camping Bliss”. On a regular basis, he presents across North America and has been a key speaker at all the major canoe events for over 25 years.



#1 – Ontario's Near Wilderness Paddle Routes

#2 – Nova Scotia's Inland Wilderness

BIO | Hap Wilson has paddled more than 60,000 kilometres across Canada. Often referred to as the modern day “David Thompson” Wilson’s artistic maps and explorations have covered more than half the country, brought alive in his best-selling guidebooks and short stories. Wilson has more than a dozen books to his name, including “Voyages” – Canada’s Heritage Rivers. His current book, “Lake Superior to Manitoba by Canoe – Mapping the Route into the Heart of the Continent” follows the Trans Canada Trail canoe path across northwest Ontario. Wilson’s newest novel “River of Fire – Conflict & Survival on the Seal River” has been receiving rave reviews. On the lighter side, Wilson taught Pierce Brosnan how to paddle a canoe and throw a knife for the movie “Grey Owl” – a Richard Attenborough production.



River of Fire – Conflict & Survival on the Seal River
Hap Wilson talks about the changing face of exploration outlined in his new book getting rave reviews.


Lake Superior to Manitoba by Canoe

Mapping the route into the heart of the Continent.

BIO | Paul Mason is an Esquif ambassador, Paddle Canada canoe instructor and patron. He also shares his love of canoeing through his canoe courses and website: canoeinstruction.co and "Ottawa Outdoors".



Canoeist's Communicating... "The other left!"

Communicating with another person is simple until you are in a canoe. Enjoy Paul's interactive challenges while learning tips and techniques to ensure you will still be on speaking terms with your canoeing partner at the end of the trip.

BIO | Dr. Shelley Ball - Shelley is a biologist, educator, photographer, and storyteller. She has a passion for adventure, nature, conservation, and environmental issues and for sharing these with people through her stories and photographs. She is the founder of Biosphere Environmental Education and creator of their youth environmental leadership expeditions and nature conservation learning travel for adults and families.



The Lure of Adventure: stories from Antarctica and beyond

Why do we explore, travel and seek adventure? What is it about the allure of far-off places and the great outdoors that entices us? In her presentation, Shelley will explore our need for adventure and the outdoors through her photographs and stories from her own explorations of Antarctica, Greenland and other amazing places, including our own ‘backyard’.

BIO | Cara Matthew is the Business Development Manager for Quark Expeditions. She has a deep passion for the polar regions and our planet and has several polar expeditions under her belt, in both the Arctic and Antarctica. One of Cara’s favourite polar memories was being engaged on the bow of the 50 Years of Victory (Quark’s 75,000 hp icebreaker) at the North Pole. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia and a double major in English Literature and Sociology, her love for books and music runs as deep as her love for people and travelers.



Uncharted. Unscripted. Uncompromisingly Polar: Arctic and Antarctic Adventures.

BIO | David Arama is the director or WSC Survival School Inc., and offer Wilderness training courses, summer camps, and customized programs for groups, schools, and corporate events. He's also involved in the reality Survival TV industry. Additionally, he owns Marble a lake Lodge and 350-acre Kargus Lake off-grid retreat. www.wscsurvivalschool.com   www.marblelakelodge.com



Being Prepared to Survive in the Wilderness

   Learn how to be prepared in the wilds, even though you are biodegradable! Topics include Survival Preparedness, Survival Kits‎, and Tips for a Outdoor Leaders. Included is a discussion of our new book, "501 Survival Skills that Could Save Your Life".